Factors To Weigh When Considering Used Piling Rigs


Piling rigs, like many other types of equipment for big projects, can be very costly. However, many industry professionals find that it simply is not necessary to use new piling rigs. This is because used piling rigs can work just as well.

What one will find in their search for the right piece of equipment, however, is that not all piling rigs are the same. It is essential to find a rig that has the proper specifications for the project. For instance, small piling rigs dig shallower, narrower holes than medium piling rigs, while large piling rigs make the deepest and widest holes.

These types of holes can be used to place piers deep into the ground, which will support the foundation of a structure. Because the structure’s integrity depends upon these supports, it must be done correctly. Without a solid foundation, the structure will be substandard and unsafe.

Benefit to Contractors

Contractors that are hired to take on projects find that their clients would rather put their money into more visible aspects of projects, so the client may request a shallower foundation or other cost-cutting measure. This is where the contractor’s knowledge and expertise is so important.

Contractors know that the wrong rig will compromise the foundation and jeopardize the entire project. It is up to the contractor to help the client understand why the larger piling rig may be necessary for a particular project. This may be a very difficult task, but many clients begin to understand the importance of this when contractors explain that a building without the proper foundation is unsafe.

Fortunately, used piling rigs can also help take some of the sting out of the need to go for the larger rig. The used version is less expensive than the new version making them especially popular for projects where the budget is tight. The fact that they are very effective and less expensive means that everyone involved in the project can rest assured that the appropriate size was chosen without breaking the bank. This is possible because the contractor is able to save money by purchasing used equipment and these savings are then passed on to the client, which means the contractor is able to be competitive in their local market.

Maintaining Safety

But whether new or used piling rigs are chosen for a project, safety should always be a top priority. Experienced professionals should operate all equipment. All personnel should remain alert and aware at all times, even when an expert is operating the rig. If a novice is learning to use the machinery, everyone at the job site should be aware of the need for extra awareness and caution.

In short, whether a job is big or small, saving money can be a major concern. Used piling rigs work as well as their newer counterparts with the primary difference being that they can be a lot less expensive. That is part of what makes them so appealing for a wide variety of projects.